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Hawaii: Nation or State? In Search of National Identity

Term To Study: Winter-Break 2013
Application Deadline: Sep 10, 2012
Program Starts: Jan 03, 2013
Program Ends: Jan 30, 2014
Major 1: Humanities Other
Subject 1:
Program Category: One-Country
Program Type: Direct enroll
Program Fee: $4,575
Link 1: Hawaii: Nation or State? In Search of National Identity
Program Locations: Hawaii
Contact Phone: 336-278-6700
Contact Name: Isabella Cannon International Centre
Contact Email:
What is Included: Airfare, housing, breakfast, on-site transportation
What is not Included: Lunch, dinner, personal expenses, transcript fee
Program Description

Most people think of Hawaii as a tropical paradise where they can be entertained by Hula dancers and opulent luaus. This course is designed to show students the complexity of the Hawaiian islands and the fight that continues to this day for those who are in danger of losing their very identities. We will explore the many tensions that exist in Hawaii that rest under the surface of the tourist propaganda. From classes at the University of Hawaii to talks with native Hawaiian activists, we will look at such issues as whether Hawaii should be seen as its own nation or a state. Historical, cultural and personal aspects of life there will be studied with the hope that students will come to understand in a deeper way the tensions between the image and the reality of the Hawaiian Islands. The design of this course is to explore the heritage of the indigenous peoples of the Hawaiian Islands, and to consider the issues of identity formation and political reality in the Hawaiian Islands.

Course: 50044, GST 250 028 - 4 credits, Graded.
In partnership with Elon University.

Application: Stage 1 at Study Abroad website; Stage 2 is enrollment at Elon University by Friday, Sept. 14th. $400 deposit due Sept. 10th.

Quick Facts

Population: 313847465
Capital: Washington, DC
Per-capita GDP: $ 49000
Size: 9826675 km2
Time Zone: (GMT - 05:00 hours) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

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